Ward 12 Public Safety Meeting Question Submission Form

The Ward 12 Public Safety meeting organizers are asking residents and stakeholders to submit questions in advance of the September 22nd meeting. Neighborhood organization staff will be responsible for sorting and selecting questions to be asked. We will do our best to group similar questions into one so that they are not repeated, select questions that multiple residents have asked or which stand out as themes of interest, and randomly select from the remaining. If we run out of time before all questions are asked, any that haven’t been answered at the meeting will be shared with the Mayor, Chief, and Council Member, and we will later share follow-up we receive to those questions. Questions should be submitted in writing using the attached link on or before September 18th. In order to meet time constraints we will not be fielding any questions submitted during the meeting. Any questions regarding the process can be directed to Candace Miller Lopez at office@standish-ericsson.org.