New Lund's and Byerly's Plans

Call for Artists

Developers Looking for Artists or Teams to Paint Two External Wall Spaces at New Mixed Use Building that will house new Lund's and Byerly's

There is going to be a new Lund’s and Byerly’s in our neighborhood and project managers are calling on artists connected with our area to work with them. The building we’re talking about is the new mixed-use building going in on Longfellow Ave and E. Minnehaha Pkwy. It will feature the grocery store on the…

Public Safety City Charter Amendment

A statment from the SENA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association recognizes the historic importance of these times. We acknowledge the need for systemic change that delivers on the yet unmet promises of equity, inclusion and the dismantling of racist constructs within all levels and departments of government and society as a whole. We stand with the numerous…

2020 Plan Modification Passes by Community Vote

At the July 13th board meeting we closed an extended puplic comment period for a proposed plan modification that would make available $79,000 from currently unallocated funds generated out of home improvement loans that were paid back. Originally scheduled for a approval at the June meeting, the Board chose to delay the vote for one…

SENA Annual Meeting, August 10th, 7 – 8:30 PM (Zoom)

The annual meeting includes the election of new board members and an opportunity for community members to identify neighborhood priorities for the coming year. We will be updating on the status of the Neighborhoods 2020 Plan which will dramatically reduce the amount of financial support that SENA receives from the City of Minneapolis in the…  Read More

West of the Rail Business Association

New Facebook Group for the WRBA

The private Facebook group is a place for conversation, asking questions, giving and getting recommendations, and building community through the COVID pandemic.

As COVID-19 hit our area a lot of the work we at the WRBA had planned came to a screeching halt. The world local small businesses has been changing day after day since then. Early on I flipped through plans for what would be the best way to support small businesses. I worked on online…