SENA & Corcoran Annual Garage Sale

Garage Sale Day is Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 9am – 3pm

Registration Open May 1st- May 28th!

There is a $5 registration fee to get on our map. We will use this money to build, print, and distribute the maps for your shopping experience!

Printed maps available at the following locations on June 2nd, or go mobile and download a map on June 2nd.

  • Bakers Wife Bakery  –  28th Ave. S. and 42nd Street E.
  • Sister’s Sludge Coffee and Wine Bar  –  23rd Ave S. and 38th Street E.
  • Duck, Duck Coffee – 1830 38th Street

We are excited to share this event with our wonderful neighborhood Buy Nothing Group. We will be sharing the locations of Free Sales around the neighborhood on our map as well! If you haven’t heard of Buy Nothing, check them out here: Our local Standish-Ericsson group is on Facebook.

Check out the links below for tips on safety and what to do with your after-sale leftovers.