Neighborhood Voices against N2020

Use Your Voice to Support SENA – Act Now!

Standish-Ericsson Residents, Businesses, and Partners –

We need your help to keep SENA in operation and serving our four neighborhoods. This is the time to Use Your Voice to speak up for our community!

This fall, the Minneapolis City Council is considering drastic cuts to funding for neighborhood organizations like SENA. If the proposal moves forward, SENA’s annual allocation will be cut by 40% on January 1, 2021. Over the next three years, SENA’s funding will shrink from $77K, to $50k, and then bottom out at $20k.

Our current organization budget is about $150,000. The majority of funding comes from the City’s allocation, plus we work very hard to diversify our funding sources to include additional outreach contracts with government agencies, grants from foundations, and donations from individuals and businesses. Think of all that we have accomplished together over the past five years. With these proposed cuts, SENA will no longer have the capacity to organize projects, lead programs, guide volunteers, and make a difference in the life of our community.

SENA Projects Making a Difference – How Have You Been Touched?
Home Loans l Raising $22,000 for Roosevelt Urban Farm Project l Community Input Sessions l Raised $34,000 for Folwell Mosaic Bench Project I Organizing the Community During the Uprising l 2,500 Hours of Volunteer Time Each Year l Bi-weekly E-News l Promoting our Businesses l West of the Rail Business Association l Garage Sale Day l Rain Garden Grants l 30 Years of Community Organizers on Staff l Commercial Facade Improvement Grants l Folwell School Mural l 28th Avenue Mural l Hoops & Hotdogs l 15 Member Volunteer Board l 42nd & 38th Street Improvements l Tree Lighting l Winter Market l Harvest Dance l Neighborhood Clean-Ups l Lake Hiawatha Clean-up events l Annual Meeting and Board Elections l Information and Resource Hub l Lead Grants and Free Testing l Organics Recycling Program l Property Owner Resources and Support l and so much more

What can you do? The City is accepting public comment through September 30, 2020. Take a moment to send an email telling the City what SENA and our work together means to you. Actually send multiple emails – Use Your Voice!

Email Formatting

  • Include your name, address, and ward
  • 2-4 Sentences is all that is needed
  • Opening Sentence “I/we support funding for the Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association (SENA) at its current level. Please do not cut funding for SENA and neighborhood organizations. Make resources available to strengthen the neighborhood organizational network AND racial equity.
  • I/we have found SENA to be valuable in our community through its …..

Additional Information on the City’s Neighborhoods 2020 Initiative