Board Service

We invite you to take a seat at the table.

The SENA board of directors is made up of residents who are elected by the community at our annual meetings. We are directed by our bylaws to have no fewer than 7 and no more and 15 board members. We strive for a balance of Standish and Ericsson representation as well as ensuring our board make up represents the demographics of our neighborhoods.

To best serve our community, SENA needs participation in our decision making processes that reflects the diversity of our community. We strongly encourage our B.I.P.O.C. and Rental Housing neighbors to consider board service. Not only will you have an impact on the neighborhood, but it is a great way to meet other residents, and develop new skills that come from serving on a nonprofit board. Check our website for more info on board service. Not a “joiner”? That’s okay. Follow us on social media to learn of other ways to get involved.

Board Service includes:

  • Attending regularly scheduled board meeting on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm. These traditionally took place at our office on 34th Avenue, but on occasion are moved to larger venues based on anticipated attendance. Currently all meetings are held via Zoom.
  • Volunteer at SENA sponsored events.
  • Attended and represent community engagement activities as your schedule allows, i.e. public meeting for development or public works projects or on issues related to neighborhood activities and issues.
  • Advise and provide direction to SENA staff regarding neighborhood priorities.
  • Have fun while making sure Standish and Ericsson are welcoming to all.

Board terms are 3-years, with eligibility to run for 3 consecutive terms.

You do not have to be a home owner to join the board.  All are welcome, renters, business owners, if you work in the neighborhood, teach/learn in the neighborhood, or live in the neighborhood you are invited to apply.

SENA Board of Directors Application

Please complete this form. Applications (with propritary information redacted) are shared with the community prior to our annual meeting inorder for residents to make an informed decision about who sits on the board.
  • Please tell us your connection to the Standish and Ericsson Neighborhoods.
  • Please select your top three. You can select more than one priority by holding down either the shift or control button on your keyboard.