Board of Directors

The SENA Board meets regularly on the second Monday of the month at 7 pm. Check this site for current information or call the SENA office for verification if you plan to attend a meeting.

Time is allotted on each agenda for community members who wish to present issues to the Board. If you wish to be listed on the agenda please contact the SENA office at least one week prior to the meeting.

You can contact the Board by sending an email to:

Current Board

Board of Directors Roster

Nathan Shepherd – President

Emily Resseger – Co-Vice President

Mary Ann Rivera – Co-Vice President

Megan Drake-Pereyra – Treasurer

Dave Austin – Secretary

Tae Whang

Cheryllyne Vaz

Jake Soper

Josh Tindall

Heidi Schreiber

Carol Dungan

Nick Cichowicz

Sheila Cracraft Fehler

Matt Brillhart

Jennifer Runchey 

Apply to join the board here