University of Minnesota Law School Corporate Institute: Small Business Resources


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The three resources that they have for small businesses are:
  1. The Business Law Clinic
    1. Small businesses meet with a pair of students, develop a scope of work, and complete the work over the course of a semester under the supervision of a licensed business attorney.This program is pro bono / no cost.
    2. Click here for the application for their Business Law Clinic
  2. Brief Advice Sessions
    1. Two students and Program Director Emily Buchholz take 30 minute Zoom meetings with small business owners to discuss their legal and business needs. We offer general information, help develop next steps, and connect people with resources.
  3. Online events (webinars) with helpful legal information for small businesses
    1. Check out the video below for an example, or find more videos at the Corporate Institute website (in the blue box at the bottom)

The Corporate Institute does not handle lawsuits, conflicts, or patents. But we do handle pretty much everything else (contracts, forming companies, employees and independent contractors, intellectual property, lease review, etc. etc.)


Check out the viedo recording of their online event on “Lease Issues in Uncertain Times”