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Welcome to Standish Ericsson!

One of the best neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

Our mission

is to support the vitality of our neighborhoods by building on our community’s strengths and advocating for our residents and community partners.


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Why Sell T-Shirts?

Recent events have opened eyes, hearts and minds to the overwhelming disparities experienced by our BIPOC neighbors and the very tenuous status of so many of our small businesses.
Proceeds from the purchase of these t-shirts will provide technical and financial support to the small business in the West of the Rail Business Association service area who are reeling from the recent civil unrest in the wake of the George Floyd murder, as well as the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, and providing financial support for SENA and the Southside United Neighborhoods Group to continue outreach, education and engagement activities to build stronger and more resilient communities.
We will do this by focusing on these priorities:
  1. Identifying at risk businesses and helping them to retool for the new reality
  2. Provide immediate support for repairing and restoring storefronts that were damaged or vandalized
  3. Promote and elevate the profiles of BIPOC owned business in our area
  4. Hosting opportunities for stakeholders to gather, learn and take action in addressing Racial Equity
  5. Provide direct financial support by way of grants to neighborhood groups working to serve marginalized members of our community

Thank you for wearing your hearts on your sleeve, or in this case your chest, and for supporting our work.
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