SENA & Corcoran Annual Garage Sale

Garage Sale Weekend
Saturday, June 1st & Sunday, June 2nd, 2024

Registration Open April 20th- May 15th!

There is a $5 registration fee to get on our map. We use the fee to build, print, distribute the maps and advertise in the StarTribune.

Printed maps available at the following locations starting May 21st, or go mobile and download a map.

  • Baker’s Wife Bakery  –  28th Ave. S. and 42nd Street E.
  • Sisters’ Sludge Coffee and Wine Bar  –  23rd Ave S. and 38th Street E.
  • Duck, Duck Coffee – 1830 38th Street
  • SunBean Coffee – 4553 S 34th Ave

In the spirit of our wonderful neighborhood Buy Nothing group (find out more about the Buy Nothing Project here and find our local chapter on Facebook here), you are welcome to sign up to host a free “sale”–meet your neighbors and share your items for free!  You can indicate on the registration form whether your sale is a free one or a traditional one.  The $5 registration fee to get on the map applies to all sales.


Download your map here!