The Neighborhoods of SENA

Our Neighborhoods

The Standish & Ericsson neighborhoods are in south Minneapolis. The Standish neighborhood is bound on the north by 36th Street, on the east by Hiawatha Avenue, on the south by 42nd and 43rd streets and on the west by Cedar Avenue. The Ericsson neighborhood is directly south of this (with the same east and west borders) and a southern border of Minnehaha Parkway.

The area was considered the outskirts of the city until immigrants, mostly Swedish and Norwegian, began building their homes early in the 1900s, creating the neighborhoods now known as Standish & Ericsson. Today, new transit-oriented developments are being built along the Hiawatha Avenue corridor.

Standish & Ericsson are stable, thriving, yet quiet neighborhoods. Community organizations such as churches, the YMCA, SENA and block clubs encourage active citizen participation. Beautiful parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities, schools (both public and private) and the historic Roosevelt Community Library are amenities for singles and families. Thriving small businesses offer convenience and personal attention to shoppers, while all benefit from the neighborhoods’ low crime rate, safety and sense of security.


Standish demographics from Minnesota Compass

Ericsson demographics from Minnesota Compass