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1991  –  Neighborhood residents met to organize, find a name, and apply for NRP 1992  –  SENA incorporated, a Board and Officers elected, Committees established. 1993  –  The SENA Newsletter was started, NRP Transition Funds approved. 1994  –  Staff was hired and programs in home improvements, commercial improvements and association initiated. NRP First Step planning started, Survey and meetings establish Action groups in

Board Service

We invite you to take a seat at the table. The SENA board of directors is made up of residents who are elected by the community at our annual meetings. We are directed by our bylaws to have no fewer than 7 and no more and 15 board members. We strive for a balance of


SENA Overview

The Standish Ericsson Neighborhood Association was formed by residents to access funds from the City of Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) in order to advocate for and act upon neighborhood priorities. The NRP program was a bricks-n-mortar investment in stabilzing housing stock and ensuring the safety and livability of city neighborhoods. Details of the SENA


2020 Plan Notification UPDATE: At the June 8th meeting, the board elected to delay the final community vote until our July 13th board meeting in order to provide the community more time to make a decision about moving forward. At their May 11, 2020  meeting, the SENA Board of Directors approved a motion to access