Become a Supporting Member

Join us … We cordially invite you to join the Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association (SENA).  Membership is the most important step toward having a voice in your neighborhood. Joining SENA is free for everyone who lives in our neighborhoods, but contributions are encouraged to support the organization. SENA receives a small and ever dwindling amount of money from the City of Minneapolis. The amount is equal to approximately $7 per resident per year. By 2023 that amount will be reduced to $2.50.

Supporting Membership is for one year, renewing annually, and continues until withdrawal or ineligibility. SENA is guided by a volunteer board of directors elected to serve by the community. We encourage you to attend monthly meetings, to volunteer to serve on the Board, or to become a block club leader. Membership gets you priority notification of news and events. Membership in SENA is the most grassroots way of participating in social and political action and engagement in your own neighborhood.

Volunteer …  SENA is recognized as one of the strongest neighborhood groups in the Twin Cities. What makes it strong and what makes Standish-Ericsson such a great place to live is the strong sense of community. Our corps of volunteers, who give time and energy that benefits everyone in the neighborhood, are a valued part of the organization. Service on the SENA Board, or one of its Project Teams, is one option. Participation in intermittent activities such as Lake Hiawatha clean-up events, or helping with social events are some other options. Volunteering is fun, a good way to meet neighbors and make new friends.

Provide support … Your membership, contributions and volunteer activities support the following:

    • Lake Hiawatha Herald and
    • Environmental programs like rain gardens and education opportunities
    • Neighborhood place making through events and public art projects
    • Small business support through the West of the Rail Business Association (a program of SENA)
    • Representation/advocacy on important planning efforts including new development, transportation and public safety, Minneapolis schools and parks
    • Neighborhood Events including:
      • Harvest Dance
      • Hoops & Hot Dogs
      • Winter Market
      • South Minneapolis Green Fair
      • Month of Sundays
      • Pal-entine’s Day Concert
      • Annual Garage Sale
      • Town Hall Forums
      • Annual Meeting

The information you provide is used exclusively for communication purposes. SENA does not sell or share our member database with anyone.

Candace Miller Lopez