Board Meetings

SENA Annual Meeting, August 10th, 7 – 8:30 PM (Zoom)

The annual meeting includes the election of new board members and an opportunity for community members to identify neighborhood priorities for the coming year. We will be updating on the status of the Neighborhoods 2020 Plan which will dramatically reduce the amount of financial support that SENA receives from the City of Minneapolis in the coming years and we will hear from Elected Officials on the pressing matters of the day.

This event will include a town hall style meeting with CM Andrew Johnson, SEN. Patricia Torres Ray, REP. Jean Wagenius, REP. Jim Davnie and Inspector Sean McGinty, 3rd Precinct. We are collecting questions for the panel in advance of the meeting. Question will be selected at random from all the submissions. Questions that are not answered during the meeting will be forwarded the appropriate party after the meeting.  Got a question to submit?  Just fill out this form.

Questions must be submitted by noon on Friday August 7th. 

Until further notice, board and public meetings are being held via video conference call.

Zoom meeting link is included HERE.