Climate Change

U of M Professors Awarded are Doing Exciting work with Practical Impacts

They won the MacArthur Fellowship for doing some cool stuff.

Neuroscientist Damien Fair and chemical engineer Paul Dauenhauer work in fields of study that not everyone understands. Neuroscience just, sounds complicated. And well, chemical engineering sounds no less daunting of a discipline. But that isn’t keeping Fair and Dauenhauer from doing work that we can all understand. Neuroscience professor Damien Fair is working to see…

I am asked to consider what this place will be like in 2040?

“Water as pure and soft as the dews of heaven, gushing from hill and valley." Minnesota Pioneer, 1849

  I am a person of mostly European descent. In 1962 my mother and father built a house in what is now the suburbs. I grew up on a gravel road amidst prairie, forests, wetlands and oak savannah. I watched and mourned as the land around us was sold, surveyors staked out the land and…