Our Fellow SENA Honey Bees

A story of honey, urban ecology, and mutualism in the city

Nadja’s house sits tucked back from the street further than most. Her front yard is not a mowed lawn, but a mixture of native plants and colorful flowers. A small sign with the words “POLLINATOR CAFE” tilts near the sidewalk. Look atop her roof and you’ll see two purple boxes the size of a dorm…  Read More

A picture of Roasted Turnips and Winter Squash With Agave Glaze from directly above. The orange and pale root vegetables sit on a slate grey plate with a brown bowl full of a darker brown grain sit in the upper right hand corner of the image.

Roasted Turnips and Winter Squash With Agave Glaze

Flavors informed by thousands of years of combining flavors and working with the land

As the Atlantic points out: “Pasta, sushi, tacos, samosas, and pad thai: In the U.S., enthusiastic eaters will likely be able to name traditional dishes from a wide variety of cuisines around the world. But most of us couldn’t name a single Native American dish from any one the vast network of tribes, cultures, and…

U of M Professors Awarded are Doing Exciting work with Practical Impacts

They won the MacArthur Fellowship for doing some cool stuff.

Neuroscientist Damien Fair and chemical engineer Paul Dauenhauer work in fields of study that not everyone understands. Neuroscience just, sounds complicated. And well, chemical engineering sounds no less daunting of a discipline. But that isn’t keeping Fair and Dauenhauer from doing work that we can all understand. Neuroscience professor Damien Fair is working to see…

Chicken Pot Pie Tater Tot Hot Dish, with a spoonful taken out of the dish and some put into a bowl, and a separate Bowl of Ketchup

Chicken Pot Tot Dish

Why yes, this is Chicken Pot Pie and Tater Tot Hot Dish all in one. We're excited too

I’m writing this 24 hours before we’re supposed to be experiencing temperatures in the 80s here in Minneapolis. I can’t wait to be outside and give Summer weather one last farewell. Meanwhile, me and my fellow epicures out there are excitedly preparing for a legendary fall of cooking. To start out an incredible year of…

More than a coffee shop: Duck Duck Coffee

Creative small business work is at the core of the value that small businesses provide to their communities

One year ago, Kat Naden bought a small storefront on the corner of 38th street and Cedar Ave and the story of Duck Duck Coffee began. That day, us neighbors were none the wiser – the empty storefront was unchanged. The creative work of running a small coffee shop was yet to be done. In…