Butterscotch Zucchini Blondies

Vegtables for desert? Yes!

Photo credit www.industryeats.com BUTTERSCOTCH ZUCCHINI BLONDIES INGREDIENTS: 2/3 cup butter; 2 cups brown sugar; 1 egg; 2 tsp vanilla; 2 cups all purpose flour; 1/2 tsp baking powder; 1/4 tsp baking soda; 1/2 tsp salt; 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon; 1 1/2 cups grated zucchini; 1 cup butterscotch chips. INSTRUCTIONS: Cook butter in a saucepan over

White Chicken Zucchini Chili

A new way to sneak veg into your kids favorite food

Photo credit www.platingpixels.com WHITE CHICKEN ZUCCHINI CHILI INGREDIENTS: 2 medium onions diced; 2 medium zucchini chopped; 5 cloves minced garlic; 1 tbs cumin; 8 oz (2 small cans) mild diced green chilis; 15 oz. can green enchilada sauce; 2 cups rotisserie chicken shredded and/or chopped into bite sized pieces; 3 cups chicken stock; 1/4 cup cream cheese;

Public Safety City Charter Amendment

A statment from the SENA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association recognizes the historic importance of these times. We acknowledge the need for systemic change that delivers on the yet unmet promises of equity, inclusion and the dismantling of racist constructs within all levels and departments of government and society as a whole. We stand with the numerous

2020 Plan Modification Passes by Community Vote

At the July 13th board meeting we closed an extended puplic comment period for a proposed plan modification that would make available $79,000 from currently unallocated funds generated out of home improvement loans that were paid back. Originally scheduled for a approval at the June meeting, the Board chose to delay the vote for one